Mindful, Recycled & Sustainable

Recycled & Reused

Honey & Wilde jewellery is handmade out of recycled/eco silver, gold fill & responsibly sourced, natural and untreated gemstones. All my silver scraps are saved, then repurposed into new collections.



As all of my pieces are handmade to order, every piece is completely unique to the wearer. Handmade with love, care & attention to detail, to produce a piece of jewellery that I hope will be enjoyed and cherished for many years to come.

In 2023, I chose to pair up with Ecologi. For every order I get, Ecologi will plant a tree in one of their many reforestation projects. Ecologi supports hundreds of projects all over the world, including planting trees for reforestation, habitat restoration & carbon offsetting projects. Follow the link below to visit the Honey & Wilde virtual forest and see exactly where your tree has been planted.

Sustainable Packaging

I am committed to making Honey & Wilde Jewellery as eco conscious as I can. So, along with saving and recycling all my scrap silver pieces, my jewellery boxes, inserts and paper product come from FSC ® certified forests. This means they are plastic free, reusable, recyclable or compostable. 

What is Eco Silver?

EcoSilver is made of 100% recycled silver from products like scrap jewellery and medical equipment, which is then melted down to make more silver bullion. It comes in wire, grain or sheet form. It has the same purity (925) as newly mined silver but is considered a greener alternative.

What is 14K Gold Fill?

Gold fill, or rolled gold, is a high quality, economical alternative to solid gold. It is also safe for sensitive skin. A thick layer of solid 14k gold is heat and pressure bonded to a base metal, usually copper or brass. It can sometimes have a ‘warmer’ hue when next to solid gold pieces due to these core metals. If cared for properly, 14k gold fill can last a lifetime.