Caring for your jewellery

Silver jewellery may naturally tarnish overtime. This is a natural chemical reaction to air exposure that unfortunately can’t be avoided. There are, however, ways to restore and clean your jewellery if it happens to you.

The best tip is to wear your jewellery! Honestly! Simply wearing your sterling silver jewellery will prevent it from tarnishing, as your body's natural oils will cleanse the jewellery. When not wearing, store in a jewellery box or bag, away from moisture.

To polish silver jewellery, gently rub with a paste, made of 2 parts baking soda with 1 part water. Rinse and dry with a soft microfibre cloth. Alternately, there are many good silver and metal polishes, creams or cloths available online. I recommend Town Talk or Glanol metal polish and a good silver polishing cloth from Goddards.

To clean gold filled jewellery, rinse in warm water (you can use a bit of mild soap) and then dry it with a soft absorbent cloth. Never use abrasive cleaning products and cloths on gold filled jewellery and this can remove the surface layers of gold. Gold fill does not like humidity, so store your pieces in a jewellery box or bag, in a dry area.

Apply lotions, sprays and perfumes before putting your jewellery on. While it is fine to wear in the shower, harsh chemicals can damage silver and gold filled jewellery, so try to avoid wearing while in swimming pools, hot tubs and when using household cleaning products . If you’re wear it accidentally rinse as soon as possible.